The system can provide you with listings data in one of the two standard file formats on offer, XML or plain text (tab delimited), or in a custom format at an additional cost. You can use any time zone you prefer and all data files will contain event ID and series ID (for series linking).

We can also provide you with a web based genre/rating mapping tool. This tool is used prior to the data delivery and defines how retrieved genres/ratings are converted to your specific TV listings format. If you would like to discuss any specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Basic Data - Always Retrieved

Channel name

Channel ID

Channel logo (JPEG format, 80x60 pixels)

Programme title

Programme start (date/time)

Programme stop (date/time)

Programme duration

Event ID

Series ID and series title

The event ID attribute is a unique reference to a timeslot (event) and can be used to match events from one update to another. The series ID attribute is a unique reference to a specific series and can be used to match programmes belonging to the same series.

Other Data - Retrieved Where Available

Programme description (long/short general descriptions and long/short episode specific descriptions)

Episode title



Age rating

Airing attributes (HD, 3D, sound system, screen ratio, finale, repeat, live etc.)

Combined Data - Retrieved Where Available

Broadcast/original language

Season number (for series only)

Part number (for series only)

Total number (for series only)

Cast and crew

Cast and crew biographies

Country of origin

Year of production

Please note that combined data is not delivered as separate elements. In an XML file, combined data can be found in the <OTHERDATA> element.

Additional Data - Retrieved Where Available

Programme images (JPEG format, max. width 140 pixels, max. height 100 pixels)

Cast and crew images (JPEG format, max. width 140 pixels, max. height 100 pixels)


Movie trailer links

Programme site links


  • STB Development
  • Coverage Maps
  • TVRO application

STB development with channel updates

and TV guide data from the internet

Satellite footprints with BeamFinder

TV listings metadata aggregation system

Maritime TVRO application development

Satellite Data

Looking for technical information about satellites and beam coverage maps?

SatStar can provide detailed technical information about commercial geostationary satellites. It can be used by professionals, e.g. for budget link calculations, and can easily be integrated into custom applications.

All data can be stored in a database, including downlink and uplink coverage maps, frequency plans, transmissions, TV/radio channels etc. For more information, please refer to the Satellite Data page.

Satellite Data