Satellite Data

Are you looking for detailed technical information about commercial geostationary satellites: downlink (EIRP) and uplink (G/T) coverage/footprint maps, frequency plans, transmissions, TV/radio channels etc?

Some information is very hard to find and not available from one source. If you find what you are looking for, you have to spend a lot of time processing the information to be able to use it and, still, there are probably a lot of data which is not in the correct format. SatStar has the solution to the problem.

SatStar maintains a database of all this information. It can be used by professionals, e.g. for budget link calculations, and can easily be integrated into custom applications. All data can be delivered in a format of your choice.

If you are looking for functionality, rather than data only, we can help you access information by creating a web interface on the SatStar website for database queries that suits your specific requirements. We can also provide you with an API, e.g. a SOAP interface, to perform remote custom queries from your own website or from your own application, e.g., "List receivable satellite FTA sport channels in German at a particular location".

To illustrate how data can be used, please have a look at our free interactive BeamFinder tool. It enables the user to specify a location (longitude/latitude, nearest city/port, or by clicking on a map) and size of antenna and receive a complete list of available satellite beams which can be received at that specific location with that particular antenna size. If you are logged in, you can access a BeamFinder demonstration which also indicates receivable TV channels with the possibility to control an ACU (Antenna Control Unit) and a satellite receiver (based on Enigma 1/2 OS).

Below you will find examples of satellite data that SatStar can provide. For more information, or if you would like to discuss any specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us at


General information (launch date and site, owner/operator, contractor etc.)

Information about related ITU/FCC filings

Orbit information (Two Line Element)

Beam information

Footprints/Coverage Maps

3,237 downlink (EIRP) maps

2,367 uplink (G/T) maps

All maps are available as images, as vector data (polygons or Bezier curves) or as raster data

Arabsat 5A, Uplink C-band Beam

Sample Preview (Click on the image to download a PDF hi-res vector graphics sample)

Frequency Plans

Transmit/receive channels






Symbol rate


TV and Radio Channels

Channel name







  • STB Development
  • Coverage Maps
  • TVRO application

STB development with channel updates

and TV guide data from the internet

Satellite footprints with BeamFinder

TV listings metadata aggregation system

Maritime TVRO application development

TV Listings Metadata

Looking for a powerful TV listings metadata aggregation tool?

SatStar can help you extract relevant data from almost any electronic source of channel schedule information: web pages, images (through OCR), Excel files, Word files, text files, PDF files, XML files etc.

If you are interested in sample listings data files for a selection of TV channels, please contact us at