Koreasat 5A at 113.0°E

Below you will find available downlink footprint maps for Koreasat 5A at 113.0°E. Click on a map for more details. If you would like to have more technical information about TV and radio channels available on Koreasat 5A, please click here.

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Ku-band Ku-band
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  • TVRO application

STB development with channel updates

and TV guide data from the internet

Satellite footprints with BeamFinder

TV listings metadata aggregation system

Maritime TVRO application development

TV Listings Metadata

Looking for a powerful TV listings metadata aggregation tool?

SatStar can help you extract relevant data from almost any electronic source of channel schedule information: web pages, images (through OCR), Excel files, Word files, text files, PDF files, XML files etc.

If you are interested in sample listings data files for a selection of TV channels, please contact us at sales@satstar.net.